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for the parents

We know you want it simple! NSI uses the most up to date technology saving you vast amounts of time.. Easy one time all electric sign up! 

for the players

Players can count on a quality level of training matched with a high volume of repetition driving them toward their long term goals!

for the colleges

Colleges can count on our athletes being in the top percentile of 

motivated athletes. Time management and doing extra are essential for success!

don't forget

"Do not get stuck jumping in to the race to no where!" Founder of NSI

See the founders opinions and view at the bottom!

Watch the informational video for the quickest way to learn how NSI services all your sport needs!

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For the Parents​​​

  • Its as easy as ​90 seconds and carpool

    • Sign up is all done electronically​

      • Drop in for a one time free session and sign up at training​

      • Don't even think about having to lift a pen

        • No lost checks or follow up calls for lost paperwork

        • Memberships can be set up to auto draw or paid annually for our NSI discount

        • See how easy it is and click this link to go to registration

    • Your son or daughter will use their finger print to log in

      • Zero hassle

        • No one will ever have to chase you down​

        • Coaches are focused on training not tracking​​

        • This makes it easy for you to simply drop off and take care of your errands until pick up

    • Multiple locations

      • We're coming to you!

        • You can drop your son or daughter off where ever training is convenient for you​

      • Set your own schedule

        • You can link google calendars view all available training times through out the week

    • Multiple membership options​​

      • Bronze- Gold- Platinum 

        • all with different price tiers that fit your needs​

        • pick memberships for set locations- Bronze Member

        • gain access to multiple locations for your sport- Silver Member

        • access to multiple locations and 2 sports- Gold Member

        • full access- Platinum Member (coming soon)


For the Players

  • NSI is more then training!

    • NSI is a Feeling

      • engage with like mined athletes​

      • feel the excitement of learning

      • feel the improvement and change when fear of consequence or playtime is non-existent ​​

      • simply train, improve, feel and take the confidence back to your teams

    • NSI is a lifestyle!

      • NSI incorporates all of the best aspects available to youth sports

        • great coaches from multiple clubs​

        • top of the line technology

        • zero politics and leveraging

        • learn a lifestyle of appreciating doing extra by choice 

    • This is college prep​

      • Do not sucked into a race to nowhere
      • NSI is recognized as the place where players choose to take control and do the extra
    • Opens doors to be labeled as a NSI player

    • NSI will post regularlyPlayers can quickly check in (with access to multiple training sites) and start training

For the Colleges

  • NSI goal is to grow, market, and be seen

  • Our goal is for colleges to recognize the "NSI Stamp"

    • NSI is the separation of players that choose to do the extra and make their sport a lifestyle

  • NSI will constantly innovate ways to stay connected

    • Social Media will be the number one platform athletes will be seen

      • The entire NSI staff follows strict guidelines to ensure players in the NSI program are regularly published​

      • NSI staff will stay in touch via social media with colleges regularly

    • NSI is a growing business that will create many local opportunities for athletes to do the extra work in locations surrounded by colleges

    • All coaches are happy to help with college recruiting in all aspects involved with club sports!


NSI Founder

"Do not get stuck jumping into the race to no where!"

So many families are told by "business owners" of clubs that their club is the solution to getting college scholarships. This is a commonly used fallacy that leads to unrealistic expectations and quickly becomes a costly way to be disappointed. All clubs provide the same level of help with college recruiting. At the end of the day under 5% move on to college sports.

You want to lose weight- you have to work out and eat healthy

You want to be successful- you have to outwork and outsmart your peers

**Why would college scholarships be any different. Lets teach our youth what really matters so they learn how to take control of their futures.


Final note:

*This is the opportunity to be "selfish" and individually focused.

*Players and families have full control over how much extra training is necessary. *They can come and go as they please.

*There is no political leveraging.

*Athletes are not tied to teams, forced into long strenuous seasons, and/or at the mercy of the coaches playing time decisions.

*NSI Training is where many experienced club coaches are coming together to train and the players are in full control of their future in the sport.

*Directors must have a minimum of 6 years of "club"  coaching experience in their sport.

*Now our youth can develop the confidence, discipline, and passion they deserve!