Beach Volleyball Memberships are first to be available!

> Memberships may become available online for March pending registration openings

silver package-$285

Silver package is for the player that wants to stay close to home. It only cost $285 a month for all silver members to attend all locations listed in their city. Equal to a month of training for less than 3 private lesson!

gold package- $355

Gold package is for the player that is highly motivated and parents that want full control. For only $355 athletes can train everyday at any of our locations and facilities in all available cities. YES! We will keep adding locations! **Best Value! Choose any of our great coaches! Can't go wrong!

platinum member

This will be a multi- sport training package that and available in the near future!

first time set up: $395

All first time members start with $395 intitiation fee. This is a one time only fee for all 2018 registrations. From this point on all 2018 members have the freedom to come in and out of the there memberships with no extra costs beyond the monthly training fee!

NSI Monthly Gold

Monthly Gold Members receive unlimited training all week long on their own accord. NSI will start with 15+ hours available to train per week and more to be added! 

60 hours of training available a month!

***Please do research on the coaches as well!

NSI Monthly Membership vs Local Competitors!

Beach Elite

Lowest Cost Option

BRONZE - $385

  • 1 practice per week

  • 3 monthly payments of $129

"from their website"

**$385 for what NSI provides in just one week!

Sand Soul

Single Session $45
10 Sessions $420
15 Sessions $575
20 Sessions $750
36 Sessions $1150

"from their website"

**$750 for what NSI provides in just 3 weeks!

Learn about our referral program and how creates even more of a gap from our local competitors!​

*We are a 501c3 Non-Profit prioritizing coaches & the needs of all local club sport families!